Our Philosophy

Premier Services Without 'Big Firm' Trappings

With nearly two decades of experience as a 'Big Firm' civil litigator, it became apparent to Mr. Janis that not every complex matter is best served by large law firm representation. Clearly there are situations where such representation is appropriate, and clearly there are instances where it is not. With our smaller stable of clients, we are free of the conflict of interest restrictions which typically beset big firms and can burden effective representation. There are situations where representation by a large firm may alienate a jury. The amount at issue, or other financial considerations, may make large firm staffing impractical. That's where we fit in. Our professional services reflect the skills, wisdom and experience gained from years of service in the 'Big Firm' environment, without its restrictions. We understand how large firms operate, and we know how to aggressively and effectively battle them in and out of the courtroom. We enjoy flexibility in the clients and types of cases that we accept, how they are staffed, and how we are compensated. We do this without sacrificing quality. Plain and simple, we do not believe that you must hire a 'Big Firm' to obtain premier litigation representation in all matters. That's our philosophy - and it's the reason we exist.